Jeffrey Goldfarb CFP® CAP®

Writing a Bio for Follow the Hummingbird puts me into a reflective mood. Now one could argue that if I am writing my bio, I must be reflective. Right you are.

What I choose to reflect upon in this bio is my own personal journey from being a child of the 60’s to being co-founder of a business that seeks social impact for people and planet, through its actions and the actions of others.

Age is often feared but I choose to embrace it because it has allowed me to experience many formative events in my lifetime.

I am a baby boomer, so I grew up during the height of the Red Scare and “the bomb.”

I remember being in grammar school ducking and covering under my wooden desk, so I would be prepared if the bomb ever did pay a visit.

I also remember the birth of color TV. I loved the Flintstones, the Jetsons, and my favorite, Top Cat.

The evolution of TV and the media also left lasting marks on my social consciousness. From the fire hoses in Birmingham, to the Cuban Missile crisis, to JFK’s assassination, I carry these and other memories with me to this day.

My Education at the University of Buffalo, gave me a voice to protest Viet Nam War and actively engage in to civil disobedience for prisoner rights in the shadow of Attica, a fight that still needs to be fought.

Thirty years after founding and running a wealth management business, focused on socially responsible investing before it was in vogue, taught me a lot about how to run a business based on the triple bottom line- serving stakeholders, being sustainable, and doing what we can to be stewards of our planet. Thankfully we have thrived.

But the rest of the world is not thriving, and it is for this reason that I co-founded Follow the Hummingbird Consulting.

Most fledgling business need a good plan, a mission, and a vision for what they want to see the future.

However, it is my belief that what is most needed is the chance to express and implement these essentials. Many entrepreneurs never get the chance. It is my mission to change that.

Whether your business voice is quiet and muted, or has yet to be found, I have reached a point where I want to help social enterprise businesses shout their voices as loudly as they can and be heard by the world.

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